LED Bulb LEDITO  E27 10 Watt 230V Warm White

Αγόρασα Λάμπες της σειράς ledito για το σπίτι μου για να κάνω οικονομία αλλά βλέπω και μεγάλη διαφορά στην φωτεινότητα. Πλέον ανάβω λιγότερες λάμπες στο σαλόνι..κρίμα που δεν το είχα σκεφτεί νωρίτερα..

- GreeceΓιάννης Καμίδης

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      Zampetakis Bredologou LTD started operate in order to satisfy all the demanding electrical equipment users, LED electrical accessories of vehicles, moto, boats, and LED lamps. We offer high tech products for homes and commercial properties,  with long-life products (to 50,000 hours) and very low power consumption, at a competitive price and with features that  cover the needs of our partners and our customers, while providing excellent technical support. All our products come with a warranty of at least 25,000 operating hours.

Available products for household and professional use in the following categories: LED lighting public and private open spaces roads etc. LED Spotlights, LED Lamps, LED Ceiling Lights, LED Spot Lights, LED controllers, Power supplies and accessories for LED, LED Strips, LED Packages

Led Headlight Kit